Buying a New Model Year Laser

Buying a New Model Year Laser

Buying a New Model Year Laser

This blog talks about the possible disadvantages of buying a newly introduced laser model.

Of course there are a number of things to consider when deciding to purchase a new laser (warranty, marketing material, training, etc), but is new always better?

Buying a new model year laser can sometimes be a bit of a crap shoot.  Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better!

There have been many lasers that manufacturers have advertised as better than the previous model.  A visually different appearance may lead one to believe major changes have been made, however performance may be the same or worse than the previous model.

Changes that broaden a systems platform to except additional treatment heads can be attractive and cost effective, but not so good if one or two treatment heads work well and the others don’t give the treatment results you or your customer are expecting

In many cases a manufacturers claim to fame for a particular model will come from an earlier design that sold well for years with happy customers. If this is the case, why risk being the first on the block to try the newly introduced model with little or no feedback from end users over time. I have yet to read one clinical study funded by the manufacture that  didn’t praise their system.

Of course there are many new lasers that are introduced yearly that have improvements over the previous model, however it takes time for the end user and patient to make the final decision. Until then we are left to trust the manufacturers claims as to how well their systems perform.

Remember, it’s easy to make changes but it’s much harder to make improvements.

It appears some laser manufacturers are focusing their real profits on the consumables needed to operate their equipment.

This reminds me of the photo copier industry. A new personal photo copier can be purchased for as little as $60 these days, now look at the cost for the various cartridges needed. With just average use cartridges purchase over one years time would pay for the photo copier three times over. If this is the strategy of the manufacturer who’s system your considering, take a close look at the consumable cost for the year versus your projected revenue.

In most cases your projected revenue figures given by the manufacturers are way off. Take into consider local competition, Groupon and Living Social advertisements and now your getting close to real world numbers.

When considering the purchase of a new laser, be sure to ask if any consumables have an expiration date whether they are used or not. Some manufacturers have incorporated chips in the consumable items (tips) designed not function after a period of time, even if sitting on the shelve. Also ask if a minimum consumable purchase amount is required to maintain an ongoing warranty.

One thing for sure laser manufacturers are making it harder and harder for independent laser technicians to work on their systems. If still considering a new laser,  be sure to ask if you do not continue to purchase the manufacturers warranty after it expires, will you still be able to purchase parts!

I hope this helps!

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