Used / Preowned versus Refurbished

Used / Preowned versus Refurbished

Used / Preowned versus Refurbished

This blog is about the differences between used or preowned versus refurbished lasers.

What’s the difference between a used or preowned versus refurbished laser?

The word “refurbished” in some cases is being used knowing it will help the sale of a laser and implying the laser is in better condition than your typical used or preowned laser, but it’s hard to prove if a laser has been refurbished and if so to what extent.

When the word “refurbished” is mentioned to me, I like to believe not only the laser has been gone through by a technician, but, components such as power supplies, optics, water pumps, flash lamps, flow tubes and other items have been replaced. If needed maybe a software upgrade as well. If a laser is advertised as refurbished, it may be implying the laser is sound and will operate trouble free longer than a used or preowned laser. If truly refurbished, possibly yes, if not you may have just paid a little more for a false sense of security.

I’m sure there are some laser resellers that actually perform this work and there are others the do not but say they do. How can you tell? You probably can’t. If paperwork is given by the company selling the laser and making claims the work has been done, this is totally a matter of trust.

Here’s another way to look at it. If a laser reseller buys a laser to resell and the laser arrives at the resellers location in good working order, apparently needing nothing, why would a reseller tear the laser apart and start replacing parts that have yet to fail and increase their bottom line cost on the laser, which in turn will decrease their profit margin? Let me make sure you understand this is not always the case and refurbished lasers do exist.

Maybe this raises the question if a reseller purchases a laser and it’s not working when they received it,  are the repairs required to get the laser working properly before reselling considered refurbished?

One way to have a little insurance your about to purchase a sound laser is to buy from a reputable company and make sure your getting some type of warranty. In addition the reseller has a service network in case you have any problems.

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